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Chronic Disease Prevention Program Results

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Chronic Disease Prevention Program Aggregate Reporting

Chronic Disease Prevention Program results from the individualized disease risk profiles from a given population are summarized in the form of confidential (no personalized data) aggregate reports.

Sample Results

Study Population Demographics

Gender Distribution Table Gender Distribution Pie Chart
Ethnicity Distribution Table Ethnicity Distribution Pie Chart

Screening Results Summary

Ultrasound Findings

Ultrasound Findings Table Ultrasound Findings Pie Chart

Sample Disease Findings

Carotid Artery Disease

Carotid Artery Disease Findings Table Carotid Artery Disease Findings Pie Chart

Predicted Five-year Cost of Future Chronic Diseases Onset Comparisons with National Averages

Predicted 5-year cost
Predicted 5-year cost
** The annual costs (per patient) were as follows: type 2 diabetes = $9,943; coronary heart disease = $9,775; stroke = $11,293; heart failure = $6, 566; COPD = $3,521; and lung cancer = $35, 496.

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Chronic Disease Prevention Program Participant Reporting

View Sample Results

Your Chronic Disease Prevention Program results packet is specific to you and your results, age and risk factors, and is signed by your reviewing physician and our National Medical Director. Be sure to share these results with your personal primary care physician.

New Chronic Disease Prevention Program results package from Life Line Screening includes:

  • A simple, clear introduction to explain what you are about to read.
  • Ability to view online through our e-Results program.
  • Your personal Chronic Disease Prevention Program results summary page in color.
  • Recommendations for next steps in chronic disease prevention.
  • An individualized chronic disease prevention frequency matrix to help you decide what and how often you should be screened.

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