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Early Detection = Early Engagement for Employees to Take Action for a Better Health and Wellness

How Life Line Screening's Corporate Wellness Program Benefits Companies

The question is Now or Later, not If...

  • Offers a dynamic solution for Employee’s to experience your commitment to both employee wellness and the financial health of your company.
  • Proactively engages employees in health and wellness programs as a new benefit is a positive approach versus mandatory disease management compliance programs.
  • Small investment today – ensures a healthier workforce tomorrow!
Corporation Benefits

Health and Wellness Program Delivery Options

  • Delivery OptionsOnsite - Life Line Screening can provide screening conveniently at your work location with one of our full time screening teams.
  • Offsite - Life Line Screening understands the dynamic challenges that face national employers today and offers the option for employees to attend local LLSA community events while allowing for the collection of data for aggregate reporting to the management team through a certificate program.
  • Mobile Health Vehicle - For large clients that would like to schedule a health tour for their employees or customers we have a unique delivery model available to provide our dynamic screening in a MHV.

Significant Pricing Discounts

Life Line Screening offers employers significant discounts from our community pricing to help employers that in most cases are covering the screening cost in an effort to invest in their employee’s health.

Features Calculated into LLS Chronic Disease Prevention Program

LSS Provides the FULL picture of health risks to engage employees.

Click Here for more information about the specific diseases we screen for.

Features Calculated into LLS Chronic Disease Prevention Program


Call 1-800-274-7876 to partner with Life Line Screening as part of your employee health and wellness programs today.

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